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Lily Pads of Curiosity

Kimberly Andi

Lily Pads of Curiosity (LPC) is a book club where we connect with others and dig deeper into the books we want to read, but never find the time or energy to put to the top of our to-be-read list. Kimberly Andi guides us through each book -one page, chapter, and concept at a time. Each month we will begin a new book to exercise our mind, body, and spirit with each other as our training partners. We share our ideas and understandings of each book as a community. It is recommended that you purchase a copy of the book and read along; however, if you prefer to just listen to the podcast and connect with the tribe- that works as well. Anyway you can enrich your life with the information we discuss is better than letting the thought or book collect dust on your bookshelf. As a tribe we are changing the World- every voice is a piece of the puzzle.